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"Thank you for an incredible week. For all the adjustments and attention you gave to each of us, it takes a special kind of person to give so much. You have really shifted my perspective on all things yoga and inspired me to strive for uniqueness in my teaching style."
Dr Leah Deutch - yoga teacher, 2015

"Ken Eyerman is a bit of a Legend…I came away knowing my self much better… and feeling like I'd seen an expert"

Roz Lewis, Evening Standard - ‘Top 10 massages in London' - Rating: 9/10

“Ken’s hypnotic voice reminds me to breathe, breathe, breathe.”
Yoga Magazine

“Days after the treatment, I’m still stretching my body and paying attention to my breathing. I may even take up yoga again.”
Editor ‘Prediction’ Magazine

“Feeling incredibly relaxed. Breathing is fantastic and my joints feel like I’ve used WD40! A great experience and I must do it again soon.”
C.C. Photographer, London. Workshop participant in April 2011

“Ken Eyerman’s combination of gentle yet amazingly deep Feldenkrais afternoons and more dynamic morning classes makes me feel a foot taller, a million times fitter and fabulously flexible. His gentle humour, his choice of locations in affordable paradises, and his own brand of yogic philosophy make his holidays a wonderful treat.”
Philippa Pride, editor

“Ken’s approach to Yoga is a joy.”
Skyros participant, June 2009

”Thanks again for your valuable teaching in the workshop. I absolutely love your style of teaching. It’s so free and alive and fun too.”
Venita K. Anderson, massage therapist

"The most amazing yoga teacher I have ever found - a genuine treasure. Ken has a unique gift for teaching that allows each individual to find and take pleasure in their personal yoga journey. His courses are always a lot of fun too!"
B.R. Headteacher, Northamptonshire

“At first Ken's gentle style can be deceptive, but quickly you discover muscles and bones you never knew you had. You soon realise that this is deep, life changing work.”
M.R. Lawyer, London

"I first met Ken a year ago in La Gomera on a week's course there. I found his style of teaching thoroughly refreshing and healing. It was just what I was looking for - as he offers different, creative ways to do things - which as a teacher, I love doing myself.

Relaxed, warm, friendly, laid back and very funny, Ken creates an atmosphere in his classes where it is a delight to explore, learn and benefit from his many years of experience in bodywork and yoga. In a seemingly very casual style, he intuitively weaves together absorbing sequences of yoga postures with Feldenkrais techniques. I enjoyed it so much I returned this year!”

James Jewell - yoga teacher, Spain

"I've had lots of massage over the years but no-one else comes close to Ken's depth, strength and magic touch."
Jamie Smart, NLP trainer and entrepreneur

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