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MASSAGE by Ken Eyerman

This is a practical and inspirational book demonstrating the benefits of Ken Eyermans’ unique relaxation techniques. With the aid of superb black and white photographs by the celebrated dance photographer Anthony Crickmay, together with step by step illustrations and diagrams, Ken explains his effective and practical system.

He combines both Eastern and Western approaches and gentle breathing exercises as a way to better physical and spiritual balance. Learn to stretch and tone your muscles, soothe aches and pains, correct poor posture, deepen your awareness of breathing and revitalise your inner energy. Become healthier while developing both physical and mental relaxation and confidence.

Ken Eyerman

No other guide to the art of communicating, relaxing and healing by touch is as comprehensive and as illuminating as MASSAGE.

“ …if you are looking for an intelligent entrée into DIY massage, and you appreciate good photos, buy Ken Eyerman’s MASSAGE... anatomical illustrations stand as works of art on their own, whilst the photographs by Anthony Crickmay are stunning. They turn bodies into fluid sculptures, reflecting Eyerman’s own notion of ‘massage as a form of dancing.’ " - NC, city limits magazine

MASSAGE was first published in 1987 and has been reprinted a number of times since.

If you wish to order a copy, please send an email to

The cost is £15 (including UK P&P)

Couple Pull Hands

Photographer - Anthony Crickmay

Ken Eyerman
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